Best Memory Foam Pillow 2020 – Top 10 Best Pillow for Back Sleepers

Best Memory Foam Pillow

Best Memory Foam Pillow is a basic need of everyone that has a deep link with the peaceful and comfortable nights. Night sleep like cement that reconstructs all damages of the cell that are damaged during the hard day activities, Therefore night sleep must be disturbance-free because a rest full and sound sleep gives the power and energy to take a refreshing start of a new day.

The fundamental thing that is needed for a restful night sleep is a soft, smooth, and comfortable pillow that keeps all characteristics of an ideal pillow and is able to give a deep sleep that is a source of getting rid of the body fatigue.

In this article, a list is being presented of high standard pillows that share all qualities of an ideal comfort giving sleep. These pillows are durable and lightweight is equally better for light and heavy sleepers. Mostly pillows are memory foam fillers because memory foam is a high-quality foam that offers a comfortable sleep.

Memory foam contours the head shape and gives a sport to the neck and disallows to sink in the pillow deeply while dividing the body weight in balance and gives relief to the head, neck, and shoulders. Memory foam keeps the neck on a place and decreases futile movement that spins to align and gives a proper sleep.

The listed pillows are also recommended to the people who suffer from asthma or allergies because they are hypoallergenic that gives them relief. These pillows are durable and well stitched having a removable cover that is washing machine safe and can be washed with any mild detergent. Mostly pillows making companies offer a long time warranty that is a good sign for the customer who is insecure about the fear of money wasting.

Best Memory Foam Pillow 2020 Comparison Table

1# Dreaming Wapiti Pillows – Equally Good For Every One

Dreaming Wapiti Pillows is filled with memory foam that is a sign of quality and offers a relaxed mood of rest and neck plus head relief. This is set off two pillows that have polyester and rayon that is gotten from Bamboo. These pillows are made with memory foam and have well-stitched pillow covers that are easy to remove and wash.

The pillow cover has been sealed with zips that can be also used to decrease inner foam as need comfort as the lightweight people like to take a thin pillow for bodyweight maintenance.

The Wapiti foamed pillow gives a relaxed and restful time and gives great relief to the headache and neck stress. This set of pillows is suitable to use for every size and aged people as it has an additional choice to decrease according to the news. The covers of the pillows are easy to wash in the machine and dryer safe.

The price of the pillows is not much high as it is affordable for everyone. The memory foam has a great system of water resistance and it’s perfect for the people who are suffering from sweating in sleep as the sweat absorbs in the pillow and gives a touch of coolness that saves its user of being distorted.

Key Features:

Dreaming Wapiti Pillows for Sleeping is a comfortable resting product as it offers great relief and fatigue-free sleep. It has memory foam inner filling that can be adjusted according to the needs of the users because the heavy people like to take a swallowed and high formed pillow to keep a balance for the head and body that makes sleeping time perfect time.

It has a washable and zipped designed cover that is easy to remove and washable as well as dryer safe. Available in ideal queen size that is most suitable for everyone. The set of pillows 18X 28 inches. The set of pillows is available with a trail of 365 days and any complaint or suggestion is welcomed in that period.


  • Filled with memory foam
  • Removable cover
  • Easy to clean
  • Equally good for every one
  • Filled with memory foam
  • Available in queen size of 18X 28
  • Give relief to neck and head


  • Not for kids
  • No more really

2# My Pillow Classic Pillow – Gives Support to the Neck and Shoulder

My Pillow Classic Pillow is a product of a famous brand that offers comfort to the users as it has a soft and smooth form that is good to use of kids and adult as well because it offers a relaxation mood to the user and they can enjoy a night of sound sleep and shoulder, neck and head pain-free and maintain the body movement. This pillow is filled with polyurethane shredded foam and available in three sizes that are suitable for heavy and light weighted people.
The pillow has a cotton cover that is easy to wash and good to use in both seasons as it maintains self-warming in winter and remains cool in summer. The stuff of cotton allows a waterproof surface and suitable for the people who are sweat in the sleep because the pillow absorbs the sweat and keeps it cool. The cotton cover is washing machine safe and dryer safe.

Key Features:

MyPillow Classic brings a variety of size and color choice that is better to choose according to your choice. Different size of the pillow is accurate to the weight of the user as lightweight and thin people like to use a comparatively thin and light pillow to keep a balance in their body and head that is necessary to avoid neck and head stiffness. My pillow gives support to the neck shoulder and head relief and a peaceful sleep that is a sign of good health.

The users of my pillow are happy due to its material and well-shaped design but it is a bit expensive as compared to the other pillows that are available in the market. My Pillow offers a 10 years warranty that is satisfactory for its buyers and they can buy it without any confusion.


  • 10 years warranty
  • Has a cotton cover that is easy to wash
  • Available in different color and size
  • Gives support to the neck and shoulder
  • Filled with polyurethane shredded foam


  • Expensive
  • Some customer complains inner filling
  • No durable

3# Utopia Bedding Gusseted Quilted Pillow – Best for All Sides Sleepers

Utopia Bedding Gusseted Quilted Pillow is an attractive set of pillows that is beautiful and stylish in design. This pillow set is well stitched and has a durable design that is good for a long time using and supportive for head and neck relief. This set of the pillow is designed wonderfully and a blue color piping in the sides of the pillow seems beautiful. It is a combination of white and blue that is suitable for also bed articles.

Key Features:

This pillow is a top-quality made ad it is also better to use for back and side sleepers as it is firmness and doesn’t sink that becomes the cause of imbalance in head and body. This set of pillows is available in 18X 28 inches that are good for everyone. It has filled with polyester fiber that is soft and plush and offers a long time sleeping hours without ant fatigue and stiffness.

Utopia Bedding Gusseted Pillow is suitable for all side’s sleepers and gives an enjoyable sleeping time. This set of pillows has not water resistance and